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08.06.2020   FuncBall -

What's new:
  • The game and site are now available in English.

  • Can write English and Russian code.
  • The parameters of functions, in case of using another function as argument, can be taken in brackets:

    1. Can use your own variables!
    2. Added code substitution (code substitution tags).
    3. Condition functions can now return numeric values.
    4. Macros can now return not only integer values.
    5. Added to macros:
      • T - coordinates (X,Y) of current player destination (where is he running).
      • V(n,value1,value2,value3...) - returns the item from a list of items at a specified index (like CHOOSE in SQL).
      • O(x1,y1,x2,y2,d) - calculates the coordinates (X,Y) of a point located between two others (between x1,y1 and x2,y2), at a specified distance (d) from the first point.
      • F(value) - returns the integer portion of a number.
    6. Added a special command "output", which displays the specified text at the bottom of the field (for debugging).
    7. Action "stand_front_point" is added - to run to a point that is located between two others, at a specified distance from the first point (the point where to run is calculated like macro-function O).
    Bugs fixed.
  • Bugs fixed.

  • The maximum number of flags (simultaneously) is 10.
  • The "run_to_zone" command now does not change a random destination point in the square if the player is already running to the specified square. Previously, a point was updated each time the command was called.

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